Oral History

The Computer History Museum” presents archives containing transcript and videos of the oral histories of key pioneers and contributors to the Information Age collected by CHM. SHMJ worked together with CHM in the collection of oral histories of key Japanese pioneers and contributors, and hereby present them as the links to CHM Oral History Collection.

Date Contributer Firm
Apr. 2004 YOSHIDA, Shoichiro NIKON Corp.
Jul. 2004 SEKIYA, Ken (Kenichi) DISCO Corp.
Apr. 2005 UCHIDA, Dennis (Dennosuke) SEMI Japan
Apr. 2007 SHIMA, Masatoshi and others Intel Corp.
Jul. 2009 MAKIMOTO, Tsugio Hitachi Ltd.
Sep. 2012 MASUOKA, Fujio Toshiba Corp.
Nov. 2012 FUJII, Shigeru Fujitsu Ltd.
Aug. 2013 MARUYAMA, Toshio ADVANTEST Corp.
Apr. 2014 KATASHIBA, Ken Fujitsu Ltd.
Dec. 2014 KAWANISHI, Tsuyoshi Toshiba Corp.
Dec. 2014 SASAKI, Hajime NEC Corp.
Dec. 2014 ANADA, Ikuo Oki Electic Industry Co. Ltd.
Dec. 2014 KAWANA, Yoshiyuki Sony Corp.
Dec. 2014 KOBAYASHI, Bujirou Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
Dec. 2014 KIMBARA, Kazuo Hitachi Ltd.
Dec. 2014 KUBO, Tokuo Tokyo Electron Ltd.

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